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November 17 2017

Samotność sprawia, że stajemy się bardziej surowi dla siebie samych a łagodniejsi dla innych: i jedno, i drugie czyni nasz charakter lepszym.
— Fryderyk Nietzsche
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November 12 2017

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Marsz Niepodległości 2017
[March of Independence 2017]

Czysta krew
Trzeźwy umysł
[Pure blood
Sober mind]

Europa będzie biała albo bezludna
[Europe will be white or deserted]
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November 09 2017

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November 07 2017

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Fossil Crinoids
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November 06 2017

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November 05 2017


Dead Can Dance - How Fortunate the Man With None

You saw sagacious Solomon
You know what came of him
To him, complexities seemed plain
He cursed the hour that gave birth to him
And saw that everything was vain
How great and wise was Solomon
The world, however, did not wait
But soon observed what followed on
It's wisdom that had brought him to this state
How fortunate the man with none

You saw courageous Caesar next
You know what he became
They deified him in his life
Then had him murdered just the same
And as they raised the fatal knife
How loud he cried "you too my son!"
The world, however, did not wait
But soon observed what followed on
It's courage that had brought him to that state
How fortunate the man with none

You heard of honest Socrates
The man who never lied
They weren't so grateful as you'd think
Instead the rulers fixed to have him tried
And handed him the poisoned drink
How honest was the people's noble son
The world, however, did not wait
But soon observed what followed on
It's honesty that brought him to that state
How fortunate the man with none

Here you can see respectable folk
Keeping to God's own laws
So far he hasn't taken heed
You who sit safe and warm indoors
Help to relieve out bitter need
How virtuously we had begun
The world, however, did not wait
But soon observed what followed on
It's fear of God that brought us to that state
How fortunate the man with none
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November 03 2017

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fixed the self patting part.
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November 02 2017

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A silver needle in the sky

This stunning new image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows part of the sky in the constellation of Canes Venatici (The Hunting Dogs).

Although this region of the sky is not home to any stellar heavyweights, being mostly filled with stars of average brightness, it does contain five Messier objects and numerous intriguing galaxies — including NGC 5195, a small barred spiral galaxy considered to be one of the most beautiful galaxies visible, and its nearby interacting partner the Whirlpool Galaxy (heic0506a). The quirky Sunflower Galaxy is another notable galaxy in this constellation, and is one of the largest and brightest edge-on galaxies in our skies.

Joining this host of characters is spiral galaxy NGC 4244, nicknamed the Silver Needle Galaxy, shown here in a new image from Hubble. This galaxy spans some 65 000 light-years and lies around 13.5 million light-years away. It appears as a wafer-thin streak across the sky, with its loosely wound spiral arms hidden from view as we observe the galaxy side on. It is part of a group of galaxies known as the M94 Group [1].

Numerous bright clumps of gas can be seen scattered across its length, along with dark dust lanes surrounding the galaxy’s core. NGC 4244 also has a bright star cluster at its centre. Although we can make out the galaxy’s bright central region and star-spattered arms, we cannot see any more intricate structure due to the galaxy’s position; from Earth, we see it stretched out as a flattened streak across the sky.

A number of different observations were pieced together to form this mosaic, and gaps in Hubble’s coverage have been filled in using ground-based data. The Hubble observations were taken as part of the GHOSTS survey, which is scanning nearby galaxies to explore how they and their stars formed to get a more complete view of the history of the Universe.


[1] Our home group, containing the Milky Way and many others, is known as the Local Group. M94 is relatively close to the Local Group.
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October 31 2017

Time to shitpost.
— Shitposter
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October 29 2017

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October 27 2017

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October 26 2017

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you fucking racist scum misogynist nazi pig.
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